Giddy delight

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Dear Dr. Sigal,

When I first came to you I had a dream that I have secretly carried my entire adult life. In my assumption that I couldn’t have it all, yet unable to release it, I telepathically “willed” you to “know” my dreams – silly, poignant.

I dutifully entered surgery knowing that my body would be greatly improved and that I would be pleased, chastising myself to suppress that damn dream.

Upon awakening from surgery somehow I just knew. My hands began to glide over my body feeling my dream. I was washed with joy, magic had happened, and I did have telepathic abilities!

Presently, I’m staying the course of recovery tolerating lumpy, sore bruises and swollen to my former plumpness, trying to control the giddy delight of what I know I will be in three months.

Dr. Sigal, thanks for the “knowing” – thanks for the joy. M.M.


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