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Dear Dr. Sigal,

I have contemplated for a few years whether to have a breast augmentation preformed. After realizing that I would most likely regret not having the procedure done, I decided to have a consult. The Austin-Weston Center came highly recommended by previous breast augmentation patients.

After the initial consult I was certain that this was a procedure I wanted to pursue. Eagerly gathering my f finances, I then had a second consult about a year later and subsequently scheduled my pre-op and surgery date that day.

My biggest fear of the procedure was the risk of having any or all of my breasts become numb or desensitized from the procedure and choosing the appropriate size. I was also concerned that the size I choose (31 0 cc) might be a bit smaller than I would like; however, I did not want the risk of visible “rippling” from the next size (390 cc).


Dr. Sigal,

It has only been 2 1/2 weeks and I can’t thank you enough for your surgical expertise.

Not only do I have all the sensation in my breasts, I have a confidence I never thought possible through this procedure (and still a little pain – as to be expected). I can finally buy a bra from Victoria’s Secret that I love, fits and doesn’t have padding! You have proportioned my breast to my figure and I am very happy to say the least.

I just want to say “thank you”, again in admiration of your surgical ability. You will be highly recommended on my list.



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