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Dear Dr. Sigal,

I have been meaning to write this note for some time now but always got side tracked. However, this weekend I was in Boston at a fancy event and received so many compliments on my looks – especially from my escort – that I could no longer postpone it.

I want to say thank you! for taking the care in giving me a rejuvenated face. Everyone who knows I had a facelift invariably says “you look so natural” and “he did a great job”.

Those who don’t know, study me trying to define or discern the difference. When they can’t figure it out they tell me I never looked so good. That’s when I tell them a great haircut does wonders.

However, I know that it was your skill as a surgeon and your creativity coupled with a keen sense of insight that made the difference.

So, again, let me say thanks. I couldn’t be more pleased.



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