My Dear Dr. Sigal,

If I were a poet, I would be better able to express the new-found happiness you’ve given me.

I’ve lived a very good life and have been blessed in innumerable ways, and worrying bout my appearance should not have played a part in my outlook on this life.  I suppose, however, the curse of being human got to me; I was miserable in my own skin.

Testimonial for plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert SigalShopping for clothing was no fun; I avoided invitations to so many events because I didn’t feel I’d “look right”.  I have passed on cruises, trips to the pool or beach, parties and more because I was so unhappy with my appearance.

It took considerable “self-talk” to get me to face you about this body. Cheri was so certain I’d be thrilled with the outcome of anything you’d do and with her encouragement, and your confident manner, I was able to overcome the indecision.

I am so happy with my new look and the new feeling I have about myself.  My wonderful husband, who loved me even when I looked like a sharpei, is thrilled with the new me; he never held me back from doing this surgery, but assured me daily that I didn’t “need” it. He totally understands now what the transformation means.

I thank you, sincerely, for your loving nature and your skill and dedication. Please let your wonderful staff know that they contributed in a great way to a life-altering experience that has meant the world to me. It is important that you know, too, how lucky you are to have people like them surrounding and supporting your talents.

I could go on, but I’ll put it simply, I love you!

God bless you and yours always,


To a very special Dr. Sigal & his wonder staff,

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for everything you people have done for me. Nothing will ever be enough to repay you all except every time I look in the mirror. I smile.

You will always be remembered & a long time referral.

Take Care God Bless & my Family thanks you as well!

Eternally thankful,

Have I mentioned how grateful I am?

Dr. Sigal,

Thank you BIG TIME!

All of you are great – the cosmetic surgery has been and continues to be a wonderful experience.
I’ve been referring you guys – people are asking.


Dr. Sigal,

Just a token of appreciation for your skill as a surgeon and your goodness as a person. Certainly thin thighs are every girl’s dream, but banishing the bald spot was tops on my list. You are a genius! a master! an artist!

Thanks again!

- M.H.