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What you should eat after your cosmetic surgery

What you should eat before, during and after your cosmetic surgery: Part 2

We all want to get the best results possible from our cosmetic surgery. Some things are crucial in getting to that goal – stop smoking, get healthy, and come as excited and stress-free as possible. But there other things that are important as well, and I’d like to spend a few minutes talking about one […]

Austin-Weston Plastic Surgery

Rarely “Botched”

On my desk is a “news-papery” looking journal called the “Plastic Surgery News.” It comes out monthly and it’s articles are of general interest to plastic surgeons, but are not “scientific” in nature. In this issue, there are some fluff pieces on particular surgeons telling about their lives, a job board, a slate of delegates […]

Austin-Weston - Kathy's Story

Kathy’s Story

“Cosmetic surgery is never easy, but sometimes it’s really hard. After a few thousand breast augmentations or upper lid blepharoplasties, you kind of “get the hang of it.” Results are usually excellent and when things go wrong, it’s usually a tweak here or there and everything is back on course. But it’s still surgery on […]

Northern Virginia Liposuction

I saw a woman in consultation today

She was a beautiful 52-year-old black woman, elegantly dressed with a bright smile and an engaging personality. She was a senior VP for a local tech firm that contracts with the military and is growing. She is single, childless – she was too busy for a family as she developed her career. In 2011 she […]


Just got some JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus

About a month ago, our wonderful Allergan rep told me that JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus was a better lifter and lasted longer than Restylane®. Now, I had always thought that Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® were pretty similar in their lifting and longevity characteristics, so this came as news to me. Being the old scientist that I guess […]

Dr. Sigal at the finish line of the 2015 Pan-Mass Challenge!

Dr. Sigal at the finish line of the 2015 Pan-Mass Challenge! He raced again this year to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Dr. Fredric Brandt

DC-Area Plastic Surgeon Responds to Piers Morgan’s Daily Mail Piece on Dr. Fredric Brandt

Robert K. Sigal, M.D. Says Dr. Brandt Helped Others in Pain, Even as He Lost the Battle Against His Own Piers Morgan’s opinion piece on Dr. Fredric Brandt’s death in the Daily Mail online included this line: “If Tina Fey is guilty of anything, it’s holding up a merciless mirror to the utter futility of the […]

Capitol File Magazine ‪Party

Dr. Rob and Stefanie Sigal at the Capitol File Magazine party.

Marty & his mom Theresa at Luke's Wings with Dr. Robert Sigal

Austin-Weston sponsors Luke’s Wings

Austin-Weston was grateful for the opportunity to help sponsor Luke’s Wings. Beautiful performance dedicated to the servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, filmed by Dr. Rob Sigal who attended with his wife Stefanie Sigal. Marty & his mom Theresa at Luke’s Wings with Dr. Robert Sigal at the Ritz Carlton. Marty was 18 when […]