Why liposuction is not a substitute for diet and exercise?

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Because diet and exercise are healthy ways to live your life – liposuction isn’t. Diet and exercise normalize hormone levels, maximize cardiovascular fitness, and maintain an ideal weight.

Liposuction, of any variety, is an effective tool for removing localized deposits of fat, but not a way to live your life.  I like to think of it as a diving board from which to jump into your life with second chance to maintain your new body with a healthy combination for diet and exercise.

Why would anyone even think of substituting liposuction for diet and exercise?

In the beginning of liposuction (the early 1980’s), only small areas of fat could be removed safely.  Now, however, large amounts of fat can be safely removed and that has blurred the line between liposuction as a tool for sculpting localized areas and removing enough fat to impact weight and, perhaps, metabolism.

Some studies have shown that fat is not just a passive repository of extra calories, but an active participant in the body’s metabolism.  Removing large amounts of it can influence the body’s “set point,” or weight that’s most easily maintained.

Today’s large volume liposuction can influence the body’s set point for weight and lower it going forward.  But without a commitment to changing your diet and exercising more, you can “out-eat the cannula,” and all the benefits of liposuction will go by the wayside.

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