Recovery from breast augmentation surgery can be quicker than you think!

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If you are a candidate for a breast implant over the muscle, you can usually be back at work the next day.  Who’s a candidate?  Woman who have at least a “B” cup before surgery and aren’t looking to go too large fall into this group.

Often, these are women who’ve nursed and now have a bit of droop to their breasts.  Rather than make leaving scars on the outside of the breast, sometimes an implant placed through a scar under the breast can fix the droop.

Recovery can be quick even if the implant goes under the muscle.

The keys are to release the muscle completely, don’t go too big with the implant, and minimize the amount of bleeding.  We find “pain pumps” useful for the first few days after surgery, but then it’s usually back into your life with a feeling of fullness and a new shape.

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