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Dear Dr. Sigal,

I have been meaning to write this note for some time now but always got side tracked. However, this weekend I was in Boston at a fancy event and received so many compliments on my looks – especially from my escort – that I could no longer postpone it.

I want to say thank you! for taking the care in giving me a rejuvenated face. Everyone who knows I had a facelift invariably says “you look so natural” and “he did a great job”.

Those who don’t know, study me trying to define or discern the difference. When they can’t figure it out they tell me I never looked so good. That’s when I tell them a great haircut does wonders.

However, I know that it was your skill as a surgeon and your creativity coupled with a keen sense of insight that made the difference.

So, again, let me say thanks. I couldn’t be more pleased.


Thank you so much for the angelic way you take care of me and those I love so dearly!

Being taken care of so compassionately and gently and with a splash of humor makes what could be a miserable experience (like stitches) almost enjoyable!

Dear Dr. Sigal,

I am writing this letter on the afternoon of my post-op visit to your office.

After I left the Austin-Weston Center today, I ended up sitting in our car and crying–not because I was upset, but because I was so deeply relieved.

With one glimpse of my “before” photos in your office, I realized just how much you had done during my surgery.

In my younger years, I had a nice figure and didn’t think much about my appearance. Then, after giving birth to two (large!) babies, one of them by Cesarean section, I had gained 60 pounds and lost any semblance of muscle tone in my stomach. I also had two abdominal surgeries over a six-year period, which left my belly even more disfigured. I was tired of spending my youth being misshapen and miserable.

When I finally summoned the courage to come to your office for a consultation, I was deeply embarrassed to have even a surgeon or nurse see me unclothed.

You can imagine how difficult it was to go to the pool in a bathing suit or, worse, have my husband see me unclothed. (This inhibition even contributed to the breakup of my six-year marriage).

While filling out the forms in your office that first day, I refused to give permission for the Austin-Weston Center to use my “before and after” photos; even though they would have been anonymous, I was too embarrassed to have them seen by anyone.

Now, three weeks after an abdominoplasty and major liposuction, I still have swelling and pain, and a large incision scar from hip to hip. Yet even with the scar and considerable swelling, I am already wearing shorts and panties that are one to two sizes smaller.

I have an actual waist now, and a much flatter belly.

I’ve already been able to enjoy appreciative looks from strangers; the relief of throwing away the “circus tent” shorts; the delight in wearing bikini underwear for the first time in seven years.

What’s more, you not only removed the ugly purple scar left on my hip from a previous operation, but also fashioned an adorable new belly button to replace the old one. What a wonderful bonus!

While it cost a handsome sum of money to have this surgery, and the recuperation was not easy, I feel that somehow I still owe you an enormous debt of gratitude.

Your skill has taken away the ravages of pregnancy, abdominal surgeries, and weight gain. You have given me back my pride, and I can’t thank you enough.

Dear Dr. Sigal,

When I first came to you I had a dream that I have secretly carried my entire adult life. In my assumption that I couldn’t have it all, yet unable to release it, I telepathically “willed” you to “know” my dreams – silly, poignant.

I dutifully entered surgery knowing that my body would be greatly improved and that I would be pleased, chastising myself to suppress that damn dream.

Upon awakening from surgery somehow I just knew. My hands began to glide over my body feeling my dream. I was washed with joy, magic had happened, and I did have telepathic abilities!

Presently, I’m staying the course of recovery tolerating lumpy, sore bruises and swollen to my former plumpness, trying to control the giddy delight of what I know I will be in three months.

Dr. Sigal, thanks for the “knowing” – thanks for the joy. M.M.

Dr. Sigal,

I wish to extend my appreciation to you and your staff for your attention and expertise during my reconstructive surgery performed at your center earlier this month. It was a refreshing change from the usual medical encounter to which I have grown accustomed.

To me, the skill and dedication of you and your staff are models of care and compassion.

I wish all of you a happy holiday!

Very truly yours, J.R.

Dear Dr. Austin, Weston and Dr. Sigal,

I am writing this letter to let you know how delighted I am with the results of the two procedures performed on me at The Austin-Weston Center by you, Dr. Sigal.

In May 1997 I had an abdominoplasty, a major effort for Dr. Sigal considering the state of my former figure, and this year in February you, Dr. Sigal, gave me a new face.

Just getting dressed and catching my reflection in a mirror is a daily joy and reminder of the wonderful treatment I received and continued to receive at your establishment, delivered with sincere and professional concern for my well-being.

I also want to congratulate you on having collected a superb support staff, i.e., Rona, Kathy, Robyn, Carolyn, Cameron, Kristen, Mary, among others, who are unfailingly helpful, polite and charming at all times.

Whenever an opportunity presents itself to recommend cosmetic surgery I mention your offices and show myself off, since I am already a walking advertisement.

I have no qualms people knowing that I have been “surgically altered” and, if suitable, you can use me as an example any time.

With warmest regards,

Dr. Sigal,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your generosity of your time as well as the kindness that you have bestowed upon me.

Throughout my life, I have always battled with my hips, buttocks and legs. The fact that you were so receptive in bringing my back in a second time to achieve that “straight line” along my hips, means more to me than I can express.

I feel very fortunate to have a surgeon like you who is not only talented in his “art work”, but who also has a very big heart.